Sunday School
Sunday School for All Ages If you are not currently attending Sunday School, then come and see what you are missing. There is nothing more engaging than a Bible story presented by a competent storyteller or a lively discussion of biblical truth directed by a gifted leader. Sunday School teaches biblical principles and Godly living to people at every age and stage of life.
Worship God in May/June
Our May / June worship experiences continue to focus

on scriptures that help us to fulfill our God-given purpose to love God, to love one another, and to serve all God's people. Faithfulness to God is filled with rewards and blessings. We worship God to praise and thank God for all His promises and blessings.


May 24: Pentecost Sunday

"When the Sprit Moves"


May 31: Youth and Graduate Recognition

"Always Love, Never Alone"


June 7:

"Treasures in the Rough"


Jun 14

"Christ's New Commandment"



Jun 21: Father's Day

"The Greatest is Love"


Jun 28:

"Same Mind and Purpose"

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